Meet the dairy farmers aspiring to the DA board room

You’re about to meet Lisa Dwyer and Michael Spitse. In weeks, one of them will be among the most powerful dairy farmers in Australia, occupying a spot on the Dairy Australia board. Continue reading


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In the height of Sprummer

Sprummer's fading good looks

Sprummer’s fading good looks

The season’s first stuttering “skeet, sekeet, sekeee” of a cicada this afternoon confirms it all: Sprummer has peaked.

This is the time of year that makes callow dryland dairy farmers like me uneasy. Continue reading

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Isn’t doing the right thing good enough?

I am itching to watch an industry sustainability promo that stands apart courtesy of three missing words: “billion”, “economy” and “jobs”. Continue reading


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From family farm to corporate farming in Australia

I am not Farmer of the Year, just Ms Average Australian Dairy Farmer, with around 260 milkers doing a respectable 7000 litres each on 500 rain-fed acres. But the ground is shifting beneath my feet. Although family farms make up 98% of Australian dairy right now, the big corporates are moving in and moving people like me on. Continue reading


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Living with the Animal Liberationists and the hunters

Living with the Enemy: hunter vs animal liberationist

Living with the Enemy: Steve the hunter vs Felicity the animal liberationist

Felicity is one of the reasons few farmers write blogs. On the whole, we’re terrified of Animal Liberation activists and tonight’s episode of Living with the Enemy was an excruciating reminder of some of the rare but outlandish comments I’ve refused to post on Milk Maid Marian. Continue reading


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Soaking up smarts for summer from Mr Silage

DEPI's "Mr Silage", Frank Mickan

DEPI’s “Mr Silage”, Frank Mickan

Chomping on a rye grass stalk with rain trickling down his face, Mr Silage gave it a nod of approval: “Still tastes sweet!”.

Mr Silage, as DEPI’s Frank Mickan is colloquially known, is a living legend. Continue reading

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How to grow Aussie dairy: fixed price

The refusal of Australian farmers to saddle up our cows and grow, grow, grow like our wonderful Kiwi cousins has been much lamented. In a recent blog about the subject, I suggested that we simply needed reliable profitability to do the same and followed it up with Ian Macallan’s integration vision.

In this second follow-up post, Fonterra dairy ingredients trader Scott Briggs answered a few questions about its innovative Fixed Base Milk Price, which promises to iron out some of the volatility in the price we get for our milk. Continue reading


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