The truth about $6 cheese

I love a supermarket bargain as much as any mum trying to balance the family budget. But there’s one I won’t be buying and that’s a 1kg block of cheese for $6. Why? To explain, Zoe and I have made a quick video to explain the ugly truth behind $6 cheese.

It we don’t value the clean, safe, high quality fresh food that draws shoppers into our supermarkets, we’ll lose it.


18 thoughts on “The truth about $6 cheese

  1. Bravo, Marian and Zoe. Another brilliantly powerful piece which outlines so simply what is happening in dairy to help educate the everyday consumer to make a better decision. I’ll be sharing. Make cheese not war!


  2. Thank you this clip is so good. Everyone next time you are in your local supermarket look REALLY look at the dairy shelves. Look at how many brands are on the shelf, count them – they are shrinking right now.


  3. Thank you for a simple, unbiased and powerful explanation about the cheese wars Zoe and Marion. Just another greedy grab for profits by the unrelenting forces of huge conglomerates who care nothing for anything but the profit they can make. We love our cheese and know that quality can’t be compromised!


  4. Though it interesting. Are you going to go into the stores and apologise to the their employees who will get abused by the customers. The customers dont complain and abuse the corporation office. They actually phyiscally abuse the employees who work on the floor and the stock on the shelves. They are not being paid a lot either. I wonder how you would feel if someone abused you at your workplace or in your break or lunch hour or spat in your face and abused you in front of your kids. This is what happens to their staff and their families.


  5. Thank you for reminding us that such discounts usually result in the primary providers being the ones that bear the brunt of the lower prices. I was in the supermarket a few days ago, looking for a bargain in the cheese department. I won’t be doing that again!

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