Dear Prime Minister: practical farmers prepare

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Time to get on the tools

Dear Prime Minister,

I know you’ve pledged to be practical about the drought. You know we farmers love everything practical.

Just as well. We know that if we didn’t maintain our gear, manage the land and look after our cows, stuff would be constantly breaking down. So, bothersome and costly as maintenance can be, we change the oil, repair the fences and attack the weeds.

Drought is little different: as you said, nobody can make it rain but, as bothersome and costly as preparation can be, we work really hard to prepare for its inevitable arrival.

We squirrel away feed and funds for the long dry spells, create microclimates with our Landcare brethren, and invest in the latest water-efficient technology, pastures and crops.

When El Nino unfolds and hangs on, we adjust both our herds and our bankers’ expectations, draw on those precious reserves, toughing it out until one of those thumping east coast lows heralds our salvation.

I was hoping you’d take a similar approach to drought and climate change. As bothersome and costly as action now on climate change might be, it’s our best bet to avoid these climate breakdowns becoming more and more regular.

Practical farmers prepare, Prime Minister. The climate needs a little TLC and you’re just the right man for the job.




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