Mandatory dairy code vote goes through

Sources have confirmed that a 7 to 6 vote in favour of a mandatory code was passed at Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) this week.

The close result follows a campaign against the adoption of a mandatory code from the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria.

It’s a postion that appears to put the UDV in direct conflict with its own members, according to survey results presented by the ADF to a small group of farmers earlier this week.


The UDV declined to comment on the vote result yesterday, referring Milk Maid Marian to the ADF, which has promised a response on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Mandatory dairy code vote goes through

  1. That’s far from a definitive vote? And the farmers are just as confused as ever about it from the survey results. We still lack any real leadership on this subject. The ADF really has lost it standing as a cohesive peak industry body amongst farmers. It still seems that none on the peak state bodies have any real faith in the ADF or a willingness to work together. Its time the southern milk pool states realize the need to support what’s left of the liquid milk states something that has been neglected for some time.
    If you read the non-mandatory code of conduct it talks in broad terms. Now mandatory or voluntary we need to be more specific about what this industry needs to grow and prosper. A code cannot be one size fits all. The prominently liquid milk states of QLD/ northern NSW and WA needs when it comes to a code of practise are different to the southern milk pool sates of SA/TAS and VIC but we should all be working together to bring about a better out come than we have in the past.
    I have little real understanding about the liquid milk states needs or aspirations with regards to this, like most in the southern milk pool we should be more proactive in working with those states for the benefit of the whole industry it’s a failing in the current processes. The needs of the two groups are in a sense completely different and should be acknowledged

    The biggest issue for the southern milk pool is not the code its self but where processors by design or by accident have taken milk pricing structures and formulas and have created a high on farm and processor cost base to the detriment to both farmers and processors profitability. Right now we live in a world where the more so called shoulder milk you produced compared to the spring volume you produce the higher your milk price.

  2. Finally, the right result but what a convoluted way of getting there. Now it is in the hands of the Minister to initiative and the ACCC to come up with the right framework and detail for the code then put in to legislation and actively administer.

    Interesting to hear that Saputo and Bega chose to stay on the sidelines. Smart move for them.

    I agree with another blogger that it makes a mockery of the ADF and for Victorian dairy farmers, the UDV. Maybe they need to rethink their own roles going forward and who they think they actually represent versus who they should actually represent and maybe also it is time to trace the money source and subsequent funds deployment as that will show some things not too many would be keen to have public.

    Anyway, that is a whole separate issue in itself that will see the light another day. It can wait.

    As for a mandatory code it will be interesting to see what the ACCC put forward ass to the details that are to be defined in the code. That, I look forward to as will many others I suspect but for now it is on the right track and the broad outline of the mandatory code, as stated by the ACC, is on the right track. That track is adjusting the risk-reward back to a more balanced weighting with less risk and less restrictions for the dairy farmer and more responsibility and transparency for the processors (no surprise they don’t like it).

    Even so, the industry still has a myriad of other issues to tackle but this is one seriously progressive step forward not seen since deregulation and if anything thinks otherwise they are either dairy processor aligned or misguided at best.

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