Even the farmer’s wife has a say

Farming may be dominated by the male of the species but a rural lending ad is so overtly patronising to women on the land, it deserves special mention.

A sepia-toned picture of a woman’s hand on a kitchen table with a tea cup is the graphic. Here’s the introductory text (or “copy” in advertising parlance):

It’s not just a kitchen table. It’s where the big discussions take place. Where generations of farmers have sat and pondered the future. Where generations of farmer’s wives have sat and had a say. Cuppas have been poured. Financial statements have been pored over.

Lucky wives being allowed a say!

A seed rep clearly of the same mindset knocked on the back door a couple of years ago, telling me he’d already seen “hubby” at the dairy and he was “just dropping the brochure off at the house to keep it clean”. Despite me asking a series of questions about the grass, he simply refused to discuss it, telling me I didn’t “need to worry” because he’d be back again to chat with my hubby.

Fortunately, these types are the exception rather than the rule but it’s very disappointing to find a major bank with such a backward attitude.