In March, the ABC’s 7:30 Report asked me to offer a dairy farmer’s perspective on the milk war. In my view, milk needs to be sold at a price that is sustainable for everyone or, eventually, those with the least market power will miss out. And that’s farming families at one end of the food chain and Aussie families who love to drink milk at the other. Click on the “Broadband link” to view the report.

Here are some of our cows hard at work:

Our calves are raised together out in a sheltered paddock once they are strong enough and capable feeders (usually from the age of about seven to 10 days):

How we conserve lush spring grass for our ladies to eat in the winter and summer:

Have you seen a calf being born?

The problem with testosterone:

2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Oh my God! The artificial insemmination procedure is mind boggling! The lengths we take to impregnate cows is amazing. The video was from America obviously but is that the same on your farm in Australia?
    I have questions about Rennet in cheese and male calves? Happy to answer my questions too? The whole food industry is a mystery. Two years ago, I finally managed to become vegetarian and now considering veganism. Please help.


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