I bought it but I don’t want to use it


The circle of life in stainless steel

I paid handsomely for this German-engineered (whoops, I mean Danish) tool but I hate it. The charmingly-named Blitz Gun is used specifically for killing cattle. Importantly, it’s not a typical gun and operators don’t need a shooter’s licence. The Blitz arrived this afternoon by courier and I’ve only just opened it gingerly for a closer look.

Until now, we’d relied on professionals to euthanase our cows. Two knackery men serviced our area and the waiting time for suffering animals was brief but after one sold his business, it stretched to a single daily round. That meant the prospect of cows struggling through icy nights. That, I believe, is not good enough.

As farmers, we cannot stop the circle of life from turning but we can do our best to look after our animals the whole way through.