Kicking back on the farm

By far the coolest animals on our dairy farm are the 2 year olds.

Just kicking back

With the fearlessness and carefree existence of youth, these girls really know how to relax!

“Cool” is also the understatement of the month for Spring 2012. The area set aside for revegetation is earning its sexy NRM-funding title of ‘ephemeral wetland’ with more regularity than I would like.

Does this count as the fifth flood of 2012?

On the other hand, the grass is growing in between inundations. If it would just stop raining for a couple of weeks, we might get some silage tucked away for summer!

Mother duck speeds her charges away from the cow track as the herd passes by.

Mother duck shows spring is here

Mother duck

Mother duck and her brood

Driving over the dam spillway this morning, I gave mother duck and her brood the fright of their lives and had to leap off the UTV very fast to snap their photo! In the last week or so, we’ve seen quite a lot of waterbird chicks on or near the water and it gives me a real thrill to see them thriving on the farm.

We live close to the sea and are proud to offer this protected nesting site.