Our green investment already begins to grow

Bruce and Zoe planting in late October

Bruce and Zoe planting in late October

Young tree powers away

The next generation is looking good!

Just eight weeks ago, Bruce, Chris and David of the Victorian Mobile Landcare Group helped us plant 1200 trees. Yesterday, Zoe and I were staggered and delighted to see how much they’d grown.

Planting trees is always a bit of a gamble and the wet year had delayed their planting, which added to the risk they’d perish. Of course, it’s only the start of summer and they’re not out of the woods yet (dreadful pun, sorry) but what a great start they’ve had.

Thanks again, Bruce, Chris and David!

PS: I had to edit this – I meant 1200 trees, not 800! We were given 400 more at the last minute!