Little cow loses her calf

Peter the vet came out today to see one of our young cows, 1160.

The little cow was in very good spirits but we’d seen some bloody mucus around her tail and were concerned she’d slipped a calf (had a miscarriage).  Sadly, we were right. The good news is this feisty little character is otherwise in perfect health and after a 20-minute check-up and some pessaries to protect her against the risk of an infection, Peter gave 1160 the all clear to make her way back to her paddock mates. We’ll keep an eye on her over the next few days just to make sure she’s fine.


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2 responses to “Little cow loses her calf

  1. robbiecs

    Oh – thats sad – but glad she’s ok…
    Really looking forward to reading more!


  2. dairymilkmaid

    Thanks Robbie – she looks wonderful today, so she’s going to be fine.


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