Just because I told you the climate was getting drier…

It must have been because I wrote about dry summers and autumns in my previous post – the weather gods have once again turned on the rain. Paddock 17 is today better known as “Lake 17”. Compare this pic taken this morning with the one I shot just a few days ago.

It’s nice to have the moisture but this much rain certainly calls a halt to our pasture renovation for now. I’m also wondering how many more times the 800 trees we planted in paddock 17 last October can cope with going underwater.

What a difference a few days make!

The same view just a few days ago


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3 responses to “Just because I told you the climate was getting drier…

  1. robbiecs

    Wow – what a difference!

    It would be great – if you posted the two photos side by side – so that we could look at them in direct comparison…


  2. dairymilkmaid

    Great idea! I haven’t worked out how to put them side-by-side but one’s now directly underneath the other. Thanks Robbie!


  3. robbiecs

    Yep – Brilliant!



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