Too tired to post (almost)

Premmie calves Ella and Bella graduate

Ella and Bella, our premmie calves, soaking up the sun with friends

It’s been a normal day for a calving season but I’m just too tired to put a proper post together. Instead, here’s an update with some good news:

  • Ella and Bella are doing so well, they’ve graduated from the calf shed out into a sheltered paddock
  • Laura, the premmie twin, is always the first to hop up and say “hello” when we arrive with milk
  • The excavator finished work on the effluent pond today and we installed a new storm water pipe
  • Our maremmas, Charlie and Lola, are out and about doing their job of looking after the calves well (but have not yet roamed to scare off the kangaroos)
  • Wayne and vet Amy managed to deliver one of the largest bull calves we’ve ever seen and both mum and calf are doing well. I was sure he’d be dead and was very worried for her.
  • Milk production is up!

After feeding all the calves, mucking out stalls, sorting out cows to go in the “springer’s” (cows that are less than 3 weeks away from calving) paddock, fixing fences and a vital calf transport trailer, pouncing on sprightly newborns and doing all the normal farm stuff, the three of us are jiggered.

2 thoughts on “Too tired to post (almost)

    • Hi Dinki, Our farm is almost perfectly statistically average for our region: about 500 acres and milking 260 cows last season (aiming for 290 this season, then 310 the year after). Wayne and I both run small businesses as well as the farm, so have an employee who works Monday to Thursday to help manage the workload. Holidays? What are they? 😉


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