I must have offended the tractor god

Zoe plays on an old relic while we prime the modern equivalent

Zoe plays on an old relic while we prime the modern equivalent

The more modern pump

Our almost indestructible pump

I don’t like spending money on tractors. They depreciate very quickly and, so long as it’s reliable and reasonably comfortable, we don’t need anything flash. Yes, so long as it’s reliable. Oh dear. This is the second tractor we’ve bought in four years.

The first one was nothing but trouble (spent half its value in repairs in 18 months) so we traded it in on one that a friend had owned and said was solid as could be. Less than a year later and after fitting a new turbo, its engine needs rebuilding. Aaaargh. Any suggestions for an offering to appease the tractor gods?

The farm’s main water pump, on the other hand, works away tirelessly without complaint. Occasionally, the foot valve on the suction line gets jammed open with sticks and that’s what happened today. There’s nothing more critical than water, so we were onto it straight away. Of course, water disasters only ever seem to happen at milking time – maybe water lines have pheremone sensors that can tell when you’re a little bit stressed!

2 thoughts on “I must have offended the tractor god

  1. I am so hearing you on this one, we did recently bite the bullet and go and buy a new tractor (well the bank did lol), and it has been fantastic, our old tractor has hardly done any work in the last 3 years its spent 6 months in the paddocks and the other 2 and a half years in the mechanics shed, in the end it was to dangerous and frustrating, but the extra time we get with my husband now (because the job takes half the time) and us not being worried that something bad was going to happen has well been worth the money spent !


  2. Congratulations, you lucky duck! I’m JD green with envy!

    Ours is smokey rather than dangerous or slow but it’s so hard to know when you’re throwing good money after bad or doing necessary repairs that will keep an old beast roaring for another five years.


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