Why don’t we sell our milk direct to consumers?

I’d love to sell our milk direct at farmer’s markets and I’ve even done the sums.

I can’t see how it’s feasible for us right now. In Australia, milk must be pasteurised before it can be sold for others to drink. Just buy a pasteuriser then, you say? Well, it’s not even that simple. We’d need to build a clean room and invest in new tanks, pumps, packaging machinery, refrigeration equipment and transport. And then, we’d have to show we’d meet Australia’s very stringent food quality standards – lots of protocols and documentation that would take thousands of dollars to establish. It all adds up to a six-figure investment.

That’s the bad news but the good news is that Australian milk is incredibly safe.


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3 responses to “Why don’t we sell our milk direct to consumers?

  1. Hmmm… Reminds me alot about the requirements for setting up to make cheese. So much red tape, such a big investment, lots of work and time! And then people want to know why small scale cheese is “expensive”.

    Really enjoying your blogs!


    • milkmaidmarian

      Yes, you’re right. The time and work commitment can’t be underestimated. We’d have to do it on the eighth day of the week! Congratulations Justin on making your cheese enterprise a reality!


  2. Gillian Hayman

    Hi Marian
    We too have done the sums and they don’t work for us on our farm either. The red tape is amazing for manufacturing dairy products and a little frustrating for anyone looking to start small and grow a business.
    Keep up the great blogs!


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