Milk free from growth hormones

The internet is awash with scary stories about growth hormones in milk. They are said to cause cancer and even breast development in babies fed a milk-based formula. Cows injected with growth hormones are also said to have much shorter lifespans than the 12-plus years ours enjoy.

I’m happy to say I can’t offer you any insight into this bitterly debated issue. Although bovine growth hormone (BGH)  is commonly used in the US, it and BST or bovine somatotropin are outlawed here in Australia.

Every litre of Aussie milk is guaranteed to be free from growth hormones!

5 thoughts on “Milk free from growth hormones

  1. I am glad you posted this because I have been reading a lot of anti-cancer books and they all say that adults should not be drinking cow’s milk because of the hormone risk. My friend with cancer has switched to Oat milk (and Soy) but you could argue that they have their own toxins too.

    It probably comes down to moderation in all things.

    What about milk brands that are now marketing added protein? I think it was something with A2 in the title?


  2. You’ve raised a couple of interesting questions, thank you FEM! If it’s okay with you, I’d like to create a new post over the next few days that deals with A2 and another that talks about the pros and cons of different “milks”. I really appreciate the ideas!


  3. Hi, use of bovine growth hormones varies widely in the US. We are hearing that roughly 17% of the farmers use it at this point. Here in New York State, I do not know any of the average sized farmers (average herd size is 50 to 100 cows) who use it. According to one article that I read on the net, the usage tends to vary greatly by milkshed, with greater usage on the largest farms in California.


  4. Hi, Regardless of the absence of “added” hormones, there are still naturally occuring hormones in milk that are intended for the rapid growth of calves, not humans. Calves stop drinking milk but he humans keep consuming the naturally occuring growth hormones


    • Hi Aphrodite,
      A very average 5’5″, I wish those growth hormones had worked on me! Natural hormones in milk are not my area of expertise, so I forwarded your comment on to a nutritionist at Dairy Australia for her thoughts. Glenys Zucco came back to me with this and the second paragraph looks like the most relevant:

      “Hormones are not used in Australian dairy production. A hormone called bovine somatotropin (BST) is used in some countries to increase milk production. The use of BST is prohibited in Australia. The use of steroidal hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone for growth promotion is also not permitted in dairy farming in Australia.”

      “Milk, being a natural product from a female animal will contain minute quantities of hormones. These of course are natural and not artificial hormones. When consumed they are digested by enzymes in the gut and are not absorbed.”

      “The Australian dairy industry has an excellent track record of producing safe dairy foods. Strict food safety systems and requirements are in place to ensure the safety and integrity of milk and other dairy products that are produced by our industry.”


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