Video shows what happens if you tangle with ag on the road

When you see a tractor on a straight stretch of road, you get ready to overtake the slow coach while you can, right? Well, this driver was preparing to do just that as he approached a tractor towing a silage trailer and mustn’t have noticed the right turning indicator was on until it was too late.

Apparently changing his mind and trying to go left around the outside instead, his ute ended up going under the cart and out the other side. Looking at the damage on this video, it’s amazing he survived.

Our silage and sowing contractor, Wayne Bowden, asked me to upload this video and plead with drivers to watch out for slow-moving ag equipment as the silage season begins. This is the second big road crash his team has experienced and he tells me they have near misses every year. One car even clipped the front tyre of a tractor and kept on going.

The same applies for cows on the road, so watch this space for a story about cows who are bad drivers!

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