Hang on, aren’t farmers supposed to be whingers? Turns out we’re the happiest workers!

I didn’t see it but a friend of mine at Dairy Australia, Julie Iommi, tells me that the presenters of the Today Show concluded that farmers are whingers because we like to get it all off our chests when leave our isolation and meet someone. Oh dear.

For a start, dairy farmers are not all that isolated. My nearest neighbours are less than a kilometre away. Second, look at this newly reported research and here, on the radio.

“IF you’re whinging about your job and the things that annoy you most, you probably don’t work in farming, event management or the legal profession.”

So why are farm employees so happy? A commentator on UK career happiness research suggests that good jobs have this in common: high interaction with people, are out of a conventional office, and do things that have clear outcomes. Okay, we don’t have high interaction with people but we’ve got something even better – animals!

She contrast this with the least happy professions in administration:

“Admin work usually means a lack of control over what you do. Admin work is part of a clear pecking order (and when you’re constantly reminded you’re low on the ladder, that doesn’t feel great).”

“There is something about that office-admin environment that feels toxic. Office politics, an impenetrable pecking order, stuck in an airless office box with a lack of freedom about your day… plus a question mark over the point of what you actually contribute every day. Sound familiar? It’s not just admin workers is it?”

Farm employees often work either side-by-side with their “bosses” or are given lots of freedom to do their work without anybody breathing down their necks.

No wonder it’s a great career!

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