Why are so many people interested in a cow’s vulva?

There have been just over 10,000 views of my blog since I started it in April and I’m delighted to have struck up conversations with so many people in such a short time but something has got me stumped.

The second most common term people used to reach the Milk Maid Marian dairy blog via a search engine was “cow vulva”. Why is this so fascinating? I’ve only referred to it once in passing in the blog. If my naivety is telling and I have offended anyone with its mention, please accept my apologies.

Farm life is educational but not “discreet”. Five-year-old Zoe knows how babies are made and, equally, what it means to die, simply by observing the cycle of life as it unfolds here every year.

I’d love some suggestions about future posts, so please don’t be coy!

6 thoughts on “Why are so many people interested in a cow’s vulva?

  1. That is very funny!! I too grew up on a farm and from a very early age certainly knew that the act of copulating animals resulted in babies!!


    • Crazy chickens! That’s funny!

      I would love to make our own dairy products but, to be honest, I just don’t have the time, combining a newborn, preschooler, dairying and a desk job! I dream of one day producing our own line of unhomogenised milk straight from the farm but that’d be biting off more than I could chew right now.


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