Ravenous kangaroos don’t eat wattles

A couple of years ago, we renewed the fencing around 11 hectares of remnant forest on the farm with the help of Greening Australia so we could exclude the stock from this high-value goanna habitat.

Paddock flanked by forest

Two blocks of native forest are protected on the farm

Unfortunately, the western sides of the two bush blocks have been impacted by the wind so we moved the fence westwards and friends helped us plant about 800 trees to reinvigorate this section. The kangaroos and wallabies ate almost every tree. Almost. It seems they have a distaste for wattles, which are the only specimens that survived the onslaught.

Wattles survived grazing by kangaroos

Wattles must taste yukky to kangaroos

If you’ve had any experience protecting seedlings from macropods, please share!


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3 responses to “Ravenous kangaroos don’t eat wattles

  1. Libby Lambert

    When supervising a crew of tree planters one season for Greening Australia in about 2003, Greening Australia was trialing a spray on the tube stock which made the plants unpalatable to the walabies in the Strzeleckiis. It was a mix of fine metal filings in a solution of water and egg (I think). Perhaps try contacting Greening Australia at West Gippsland CMA in Leongatha and ask them to pass your query onto Bronwyn Teasdale or Kate Walsh (previously with Greening Australia).


  2. milkmaidmarian

    Thanks very much, Libby. It’s so sad to see the cuts to GA – I’ve made some calls and hope to track down the results of that trial.


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