Betting on a thunderstorm

Cows grazing with mower in distance

Have I made the right decision?

Imagine a game where you wager thousands of dollars on the timing of a spring thunderstorm. Too stupid? Well, that’s what I’ve just done.

Getting silage done this season has been…tricky. You need a three-day “window” of warm, dry weather to cut, dry, bale and wrap the grass. Three-day windows have been pitifully rare this season though and we have long, stemmy grass that needs harvesting.

This morning’s forecast said 25 degrees C today, followed by 30 tomorrow and a thunderstorm. We’ve decided to cut three paddocks. If the grass stays too moist, we might lose hundreds of rolls of feed. If we didn’t cut, the grass would go to head and stop growing.

Fingers crossed.

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