A typical summer’s day on our dairy farm

Summer is the laziest time of year on our farm and yesterday was a pretty typical day.

5am Wayne rounds up, Marian changes another nappy.

5.30 Milking starts.

8.30 Milking’s finished, clean-up begins.

9am Marian, Alex and Zoe head to see Papa.

9.10 Zoe, Alex and Marian plant trees in the margins of the wetlands while Papa hoses the yard

Seedling leaves

Indigenous eucalypts

10.30 Papa’s finished hosing the yard and goes to feed the calves.

10.45 Emergency! Papa phones to say there’s a break in the fence and M, Z and A go to the rescue.

Fencing repair

"What a lovely morning for repairing fences, don't you think, Mama?" - Zoe

11.15 We all get back to the shed for a cool drink and catch-up. Tanker’s come and gone – same litres as the last pick-up, which is good news in summer!

11.20 Papa makes repairs to the dairy. Mama, Zoe and Alex head off to check the paddocks.

11.55 Alex is huuunnnggrrrry and wants to get out of the carrier NOW. Head to the house for lunch.

12.30 New neighbour, Garth, drops by to introduce himself and a young fellow looking for weekend work.

1.15 Back out to look at the paddocks and work out the week’s pasture rotation. Papa starts shifting silage.

Bringing in the silage

Papa busy bringing in the silage

2.30 While setting up paddocks, stop to fix an overflowing trough

Trough algae

Oooooh, slimy algae!

2.45 Splat in the mud – must change pants and boots!

3pm Time to round up!

Rounding up

Ho up there!

3.35 Milking again.

3.40 Plant a couple more trees and then time out for Zoe and Alex.

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