Fast food for dairy cows

Rape being sown on November 19

The rape went in on November 19

Rape on Dec 1st

Rape on December 1st

Rape 8 Dec

One week later

Rape paddock 8 Dec

Fast food for dairy cows!

3 thoughts on “Fast food for dairy cows

  1. What time of year will it be when grazed, and how mature is the crop at that time? We grew rape for the cows years ago and they found it very bitter and not very paletable, and could taint the milk, but they have no doubt brought out newer varieties, I’m way out of date these daze, still interested though.


  2. Hi Fred, This hybrid Hunter rape only needs 6 to 8 weeks to reach maturity but is not toxic if grazed earlier (unlike many other brassica varieties). People are sowing it in late spring and autumn for summer and autumn/winter feed. The cows love it but it takes them a day or two of small portions to develop a brassica palate!
    Will see if I can make a video of them gobbling it for you when they get into it.


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