Christmas in a country hall

Last night, the meaning of Christmas was there in all its glory. The hills bathed in the golden light of early evening, our little family drove through the valley to sing carols at the local hall.

Fifty or so members of our extended neighbourhood had brought plates of home-made delicacies to share and some enthusiastic young women had decorated the tiny wooden hall with tinsel, fairy lights and balloons. One of the district’s matriarchs led the singing, complete with readings and a nativity scene reconstructed by the children.

I haven’t been a member of a congregation since I left school but this felt like a homecoming, not to my faith but to my community.

As the adults renewed friendships over cupcakes, Zoe ran around the oval with a dozen other kids ranging in age from three to 13 and when the treats were handed out at 9.30, she was running purely on adrenaline. Walking back through the chilly air to the car, we wondered at the stars, admiring Venus and Mars among the glittering planets.

How lucky are we?

5 thoughts on “Christmas in a country hall

    • And best wishes to the team at Art4Ag. Congratulations on another wonderful Archibull Prize year and thank you for all your work bringing the city closer to the farm.


  1. This is what it is to be rich! I wish you and your beautiful family a Christmas full of happiness and “richness”. I know the work won’t stop for the day, and I am grateful for farmers like yourself that supply us with produce that is just “there” as part of the everyday existence of so many. And a happy Christmas to the bovine ladies of the milk shed – fabulous job girls!


    • Thanks very much for such nice sentiments – now and throughout 2011 – and for being such a passionate educator. Your students are very fortunate.


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