And the fattest is…

Well, I think it’s time bakers started labelling different bread varieties “full fat”, “reduced fat” and “skinny” because this pumpkin five-grain bread pictured in my last post weighed in at 5.6% fat and the full cream milk is just 3.3%. The multigrain loaf in our freezer is 2.8%.

If bakers have any sense, they won’t though. I mean, who would want to try marketing a product in terms of something as hideous as fat and create the impression that it’s the food’s defining attribute? Apparently, only we dairy people do. I don’t understand why all whole milk isn’t labelled as 96% fat-free. As a remarkable source of vitamins, calcium and protein, that’s pretty impressive.

We’ve also hashed up the image of dairy with our terminology: why “permeate” for milk’s vitamins and minerals or “anhydrous milk fat” for ghee?

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