Something to make the heart sing

Kangaroo apple berries

One of our "Summer of Zoe" discoveries

This is officially “The Summer of Zoe”. As my dear little farmer starts school tomorrow, I have begun taking her further and further into the forest that bounds our farm to celebrate her launch into the big, wide world.

She has found herself entranced. Secret paths lead from farm to forest, amazing creatures present themselves and the bush smells wonderful.


An inspired Zoe even made her own goanna video

Somehow, Zoe senses this is a rite of passage. She volunteers that, one day, she will show her own daughter the ways of the forest and then says “You are beautiful, Mama, and I will never forget you”. She hasn’t yet waved goodbye from the school gates but I am already missing my wonderful little soul mate.

5 thoughts on “Something to make the heart sing

  1. Our big boys head back Friday Marian! I will never forget the days I sent them off to school. Every year we pack as much as we can into the Summer holidays when we have them home. Will think of you tomorrow – good luck. My tip is take Alex if you can he will make it easier for you!

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