A most unlikely frog habitat

An automatic wash system keeps our milking machines spotless and hygienic. A series of warm, hot, hot and cold water cycles swish through all the stainless steel night and morning, carrying with them powerful alkali and acid detergents. Milk is very sticky stuff and we need to keep the pipework clean for high quality milk and to look after the health of the cows.

At the same time, we are all told that frogs are one of the first creatures to succumb to chemicals in waterways. The dairy pit, then, must be the most unlikely of frog habitats yet Freddy and Freda call it home.

Frog habitat like you've never seen it before

Frog habitat like you've never seen it before

Freddy and Freda are long-term residents of the dairy and make a journey from under the milk receival can at the north end of the pit to a dark spot under the steps at the south end as milking progresses. If anyone can tell me a little bit more about these tiny little frogs, please do!

Freddy frog

Freddy and Freda blend in beautifully with their concrete habitat

One thought on “A most unlikely frog habitat

  1. Oh, my, they are cute! Once in a while we get a frog or toad in the cow barn but I don’t think I have ever seen one in the milk house. Love your rainbow shot too. What an incredible and lovely photo!


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