A week of mechanical meltdowns

It’s been a busy week. Aside from all of us getting the flu, we’ve had one mechanical breakdown after another.

The opening salvo came from the river pump that supplies all our farm’s water. All of it. Bearings collapsed. We are now waiting on quotes to install a back-up pump and save ourselves a fresh crop of grey hairs.

Then the Chainless Hustler cart we use to feed out the hay and silage broke down. Ironically, it was a broken chain.

Chainless Hustler

The Chainless Hustler broke its chain

Next came the big quad bike. Only one dimmed light is working (no good for pre-dawn rounding up) and an oil leak onto the exhaust pipe threatens to toast us alive. Now visiting the mechanic.

Then the little quad bike. Won’t run unless at full throttle, despite our attempts at life-saving surgery. Now in quarantine in case it’s contagious.

Quad bike mechanicals

Open heart surgery on the quad didn't help

Then, the auger that carries grain into the dairy decided to spring apart.


Thankfully, Dutchy the sparky came to our rescue with this "Big Deal Breakdown"

Now, it’s my trusty Bobcat’s horn – you don’t think you need it until it’s gone. No respect from the cows at the head of the herd.

No horn

No horn = no respect

“May your life be an interesting one” is old Chinese curse. Certainly has been an interesting week!

2 thoughts on “A week of mechanical meltdowns

  1. Hows the saying go, ‘it doesnt rain it pours’ 🙂 Was thinking ‘It all comes in threes’ but not in your case. Hopefully thats all the breakdowns you will get for the year 🙂 Wishing thinking 🙂


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