What on earth are these cows doing?

“Rounding up the cows” took on a whole new meaning tonight. In the middle of the herd was a huddle of cows encircling a rather ordinary-looking yet obviously extraordinary patch of grass.

Mystery In Grass

Even after I chased them away, the cows were drawn to this mysterious patch of grass

What on earth could they sense? Blood, perhaps? Not that I’m suggesting anything but the only time I’ve seen cows go “crazy” in this way was after they passed yards in the old days after dehorning was done. It was a messy, deeply unsettling affair and the cows could smell it from a mile away.

We all hated the job but Dad explained it was kinder than having the cows down the pecking order gored with the sharp horns of their merciless superiors. Thankfully, these days we are able to cauterise the horn buds and spare the cows the trauma.

2 thoughts on “What on earth are these cows doing?

    • Nothing! It was rather flattened but that’s no surprise given the way they were nuzzling it. Have you seen anything like this with your own cows, Jessa?


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