Heifers home from boarding school

Heifers return home

“State your business!”

Youngsters of practically any species are funny, curious creatures and young cows are no different. These are our calves of 2010, back home after spending a season with Madeline, a farmer an hour up the road. Does home feel familiar? I hope so but in any case, these little cows have a bravado beyond their years and they weren’t showing any nerves as we sidled up to them.

At two years, they are about to calve for the first time and join the milking herd. It’s bound to be an exciting time for all concerned. Suffice to say, I’m rushing around the milker’s paddocks shoring up all the fencing for a good workout over the next couple of months and hoping they will be as quiet and gentle as the class of 2011!

5 thoughts on “Heifers home from boarding school

    • Farming is a pleasure. Unfortunately, thguoh I grew up on a small farm, my family presently does not have enough land. I hope to see that change in the future. Please be sure to enjoy yourself, as you seem to be doing.On another note, I am not familiar with that breed of cattle, but they look more like beef cattle than dairy cattle. Do you expect them to give much, or is their fat content high?


      • These are pure-bred Holsteins, Lisa, which is the most common dairy breed in Australia. Their colour looks a bit brown in the golden evening light though!


  1. Beautiful pasture to come home to….. Could we please have a post later down the line on how the graduates join the milking herd into the sheds with the ‘old hands’! Here’s hoping for a smooth run.


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