Poll: How much would you donate from your pay packet to promote your industry?

As we speak, Dairy Australia is touring the country rolling out the farmer side of the Legendairy campaign. Consumers will see it from late winter, when it hits magazines, radio, TV, supermarkets and bus stops around August.

The campaign is designed to build bridges between farmers and consumers, encouraging trust and an increase in claimed dairy consumption.

My question is this: how much would you personally spend on an industry branding exercise? And if you’re not a farmer, how much would you pay for a campaign aimed at portraying your trade or profession as “good guys”? Be honest, since there’s no way I (or anyone else) can see which way you vote.

5 thoughts on “Poll: How much would you donate from your pay packet to promote your industry?

  1. As a dairy-farmer, I’m happy to promote the industry to the consumer but when the majority of dairy products on the domestic retail shelves are owned by foreign proprietary owned companies where profits flow out of Australia to parent company share holders and not the dairy-farmer ……… what’s the point?
    When we have “100% Australian dairy-farmer owned co-operatives” supplying the majority of product to the domestic market and profits flow back to dairy-farmer members, then sure, let’s go for a big promotional campaign. The campaign will then have integrity (legendairy – 100% Australian) and consumers will be happier knowing when they buy dairy, they’re supporting Australian dairy-farmers.


  2. I think it’s terrible how you keep attacking DA for trying to improve our industry….. SHAME ON YOU!!! This is a great way to promote our industry and fight ignorant propaganda my taking the lead, NZ do it and do it well, as in a lot of things lately we are or should be following them

    Jason F Smith
    Dairy Farmer and DA supporter


    • Sorry you feel that way, Jason, but I’m not sure why you think I “keep attacking DA”. In fact, I count myself as a big DA supporter, adding my voice in support of the levy when it looked like it was going to fail (and almost did, as it turned out). I am asking questions because I believe farmers and DA need to have regular dialogue to keep it strong, relevant and close.

      If you know the details of the campaign, please do share.


  3. The National Farmers Union, which represents diverse farming interests, was slow to show the leadership needed. It reacted to the crisis in providing a means, the Westminster Milk Summit, by which dairy farmers could vent their fury, but only more recently has it shown signs of organising and leading a campaign.


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