How we nearly lost “Papa” this Father’s Day

Today started well with freshly-baked ginger biscuits and special gifts wrapped with far too much sticky tape but almost ended with tragedy.

Wayne was guiding a calf out from among the herd towards the shed when time stopped, or at least slowed. As the blow under his left arm pit hurled him two metres across the cow yard, he had time to think “I’ll pull my head down, I’m going to hit the fence” and then, “oh no, this is it, my hips are exploding”. Then, bang, onto the concrete.

With the footy blaring from the dairy radio, Wayne lay very still right where he’d landed for a long, long time – five minutes, he thinks – and wondered what to do next. There was pain in his ribs, neck, back and hips. A tiny bit of blood in his mouth but, yes, his teeth were all okay.

In the end, the only thing to do was try to get up and, thankfully, he did.

Wayne had no warning of the collision and we’ll never know for sure what happened down at the dairy this Father’s Day. Doped up on painkillers, swathed in Deep Heat and wrapped up in blankets, but he’s alive.


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15 responses to “How we nearly lost “Papa” this Father’s Day

  1. Oh Marian!!!! Poor Wayne .. I’m guessing he got kicked??
    What a nasty way to spend Fathers Day.. But incredibly lucky it wasn’t his face.

    His Injury is the 3rd kick injury I have come across in as many days.. Tell him I hope he feels better soon!!


  2. Oh, that is so scary.
    What a horrible thing to have happen. Hope he recovers well and completely and soon!


  3. That is so scary….just laying there would have been the worst feeling ever….glad Wayne is OK



  4. Bethany angle

    Sorry to hear!


  5. Kev Carmody’s song “drovin woman” makes my spine tingle every time I hear it. The man in the song gets thrown from his horse and hits the concrete trough. I am so glad to hear Wayne is ok.


  6. CYB

    Sorry to hear about the close call and very glad it is just soreness. Your next couple of weeks will be tougher but the perspective of knowing it is temporary will help get you through it. Try to take care of you too, Mama’s can get worn out when Papas are on the mend.


  7. Wayne and yourself are the kingpins of the workforce about the farm, have you any backup to help with the cows and the milking.


  8. Julie D

    What a horrible shock for you, the kids and Wayne. I hope he’s OK now.


  9. Michael Birt

    Heck of a scare hope recovery’s going well. m./


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