A brush with fire


It’s all a little surreal. We are still being urged to take shelter from a fast-moving bushfire but the cows are in for the evening milking and the kids are watching Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. Over a howling south-westerly, I can hear the thudding blades of water bombing helicopters.

All in all, it’s a miracle. After an anxious day spent with friends in town, I can breathe again.

The fires are only about 5kms away but they’re upwind. Just to be sure, the cars are still packed to the gills with our most precious belongings and every few minutes, I trot outside to survey the fire activity.

The cows spent the day in a closely grazed paddock with access to the river and will stay by the dam tonight, in case we lose power and can’t refill the troughs.

That south-westerly change was our salvation but we know it will have been someone else’s menace. Take care.


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7 responses to “A brush with fire

  1. Watched some footage on the news tonight, hope you guys are in the clear, but thinking of all the others that have not been so lucky.
    Stay safe.


  2. Wind shifts have saved me more than once…take care and stay safe….glad the vehicles are filled and ready to go.
    brian x


    • Thanks Brian. As I look across the valley at the flames roaring up someone else’s hill, it’s a very strange set of emotions.


      • It is hard to fathom when you know that your fortune is someone elses misfortune…I am lucky that the houses are sparce and well spaced where I am and that it is often that a fire will pass between dwellings but the cost of the environment and small animals is often overlooked.
        Also are the fright that farm animals have that often end with a rush at a fence, injuring some and the spread of others that require a bit of rounding up when the day breaks.
        The glow of fire that lights the sky is still very frightening especially when you have small children who can pick up on the parents concern.
        Make sure that the favourite teddy and dolls are safe and watching from the safety of a car window. 🙂
        Thoughts and love are with you
        brian x


  3. You have really been up against it lately. I hope the fires stay away, far, far away from you!


  4. Best of luck. May you all stay well out of harm’s way.


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