Watch a calf being born

Although we keep an eagle eye over cows as they approach calving time, most give birth perfectly naturally without any help from us just like this lovely lady. Her calf was up and walking within the hour and running by the afternoon. These little animals are amazing sprinters! Just ask eight-year-old Zoe, who tried and failed miserably to outrun a three-day-old calf this morning!

7 thoughts on “Watch a calf being born

  1. Hi Marian and co,
    Gorgeous! i loved watching the mother licking the calf. Was hoping you might duck forward in time before the end so we could see him/her stand up and walk for the first time.

  2. My mother worked on a mission as a nursing sister in Queensland when i was young and said she used to marvel watching the aboriginal mothers squat to easily give birth. I remember her telling me that the aboriginal mothers did not know it was “supposed to hurt.” Watching this great video made me think of that. The way the cow just stood watching the camera almost biding her time till the calf was ready. I seem to remember cows lying down to give birth when I was a kid so this was great to see.

    • Sorry to disappoint, Kaye. The running was a bit of an emergency (calf running away from safety), so did not have the presence of mind to whip out the phone and film!

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