Work with me to look after our cows

I want to give every one of our cows a better life. It may sound grandiose but I think of myself as their guardian.


I am not a corporation, not a money-hungry investor looking to tear a quick buck off the backs of our cows. No, I am in this for the long-term, not five years or a decade but for the generations beyond mine. Every time I plant a new trailer-load of trees, I imagine the deep shade they will cast when my children reach middle age.

How we planted trees 40 years ago

How we planted trees 40 years ago

Every calf we rear is fed with enough colostrum to bless her with a long and healthy life, not just until market day. And the herd is scrupulously isolated from disease like BJD, not just for now, but for generations of cows to come.

No rest for the mother of twins

A perfect multi-tasking mother cow!

I’m not an aberration, not a monster, just a farmer doing her best. So don’t tell me I am cruel if you don’t understand – or approve of – the way I care for our animals. Sit alongside me in the paddocks and, together, perhaps we can work out a better way.


5 thoughts on “Work with me to look after our cows

  1. great post Marian, I for one would love to sit beside you in the paddocks and work with you if I could

  2. I think you need to have some of these knockers meet you in person Marian and they’d see at a glance what a truly good person and farmer you are and how much you care for all the animals (and humans!) you have in your care (even if they can’t tell from the lovely way you write about them.)
    A nicer young farmer I’m yet to meet, and I do live in the middle of dairy country.

  3. I ain’t sitting in a paddock unless I get a fresh glass of milk…and besides one of those monsters might stalk us and sniff my ear.

    I will go and play with the big fluffy white dogs and we can bark at each other and chase imaginery parked cars.

  4. Only just read this now but if you’re still interacting with this blog I was wondering whether your calves get to drink the colostrum direct from their mothers udder or are they put in a seperate straw pen and bottle fed their Mum’s colostrum? Also, how long do the calves (both bobby calves and female calves) get to drink from their monthers? 2 days? 2 months? 4 months? Until they naturally wean off? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for asking. The calves are reared away from the herd for the sake of mother cow and calf alike. I’ve written a post especially about the reasons why at // . I hope it answers your questions but feel free to ask more if you’re still left wondering!

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