Time to turn out the lights, together

Farmers and environmentalists have finally come out of the closet, holding hands. As Landcarers, farmers have been practising “greenies” for decades, we’ve just never embraced the label.

Greenies are often seen as the enemy and, sometimes, some of them have been. We’ve been blamed for global warming, the blanching of the Great Barrier Reef and the land clearing sins of our forefathers; the rapists of the land.

But tonight, it’s the greenies themselves, WWF’s Earth Hour, who are showcasing Australian farming. Tune in to the Appetite for Change documentary on Channel 10 tonight or watch it online anytime.

The Earth Hour cookbook tells my family’s story and the stories of farmers around the country to inspire action. And it’s all constructive because Earth Hour understands that farmers, foodies and greenies belong on the same page.

We all need to eat, drink and breathe.

Nobody understands what the impact of a changing climate means better than farmers do. So embrace your inner greenie and turn off the lights tonight from 8.30 for Earth Hour.

After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

11 thoughts on “Time to turn out the lights, together

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  2. Hi Marian, my kids have already told my wife and I that we will be turning out the lights tonite for what is a great idea, thanks for promoting it and enjoy earth hour tonite.


  3. My copy of ‘Planet to Plate’ arrived yesterday and it’s a great essay you contributed. Also looking through the recipes, it seems (for the most part) they use ingredients that are readily available or which can be substituted with others that will be available in our small local supermarket. Earth Hour this year I am going out, so the lights will definitely be off at my place.

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  4. I would go one better than the worst case scenario speaker. As I’ve argued many times the debate about man made climate change is counter productive to OECD countries initiating change BECAUSE it is almost impossible to prove either way.
    But what is absolutely true is that the use by citizens in OECD countries of energy and resources is unsustainable. At current energy usage proven reserves equal 80 years of energy use.
    Increase global energy to the same per capita use as the USA and take the projected 2050 world population of 9 billion consuming the same per capita energy as USA and current proven reserves would only last 15 years.
    There is no choice other then we have to dramatically reduce coal, oil and natural gas energy use per capital and increase renewable energy production.
    To ensure 80 years of world reserves in 2050 the amount of renewable energy produced per annum would have to be increased by 5-10 times.


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