We’re all in this together


“We’re all in this together” was the message on the invitation. How true.

So, on Saturday night, around 200 locals enjoyed a “Night on the Green” sponsored by the UDV. As the kids romped on jumping castles or chased each other with balloon swords, the grown-ups took the chance to unwind and regroup after a torrid 18 months. And it didn’t matter where you send your milk.

Among the farmers at the Night on the Green were Paul and Lisa Mumford, who just days earlier had opened their farm, their books and their hearts to visitors. The pair are well-respected and volunteering to make their business a Focus Farm brings a level of scrutiny most would find daunting: everything is on show, right down to their most revealing financials.

The husband and wife team were in equal parts honest, humble and inspiring as they answered questions about their aspirations and challenges. We’ll all learn a lot from Paul and Lisa because they’re so generous with their knowledge.

And, on Sunday, a group of about 10 local Landcarer friends spent a morning doing something for one of our own. Kaye is my Landcare heroine. For years now, she has been the backbone of our group, giving away thousands of trees and coordinating our mob of volunteers to great effect. A long bout of illness meant Kaye’s magnificent garden needed a tidy up. What an opportunity to show her we cared!

This is what community is all about. We’re all in this together! Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “We’re all in this together

  1. I’m really pleased to read that you and the other generous folk spent some time in Kaye’s garden. It really is such a delightful place and I’m sure it will be a great relief for her to know it has been tended.


    • It was a special relief Rhinophile – all my grandchildren from 8 y.o. down to 2 and 1/2 were coming for Xmas and the grass and garden needed a tidy to keep snakes at bay (or at least visible!) I am so lucky to be part of this fabulous community who decided to help me out so close to Xmas when their own lives would have been so busy. I can’t thank the working bee participants and their organiser (Helga) enough. It has eased my mind .. and my body so much!

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