What do you want on Milk Maid Marian this year?

Milk Maid Marian has just been named among the world’s top 20 dairy blogs and I’m grateful to the Feedspot people for letting me use the little medal picture. But, honestly, it’s what you think that’s important.

After last year’s high dairy drama, I’m wondering where to take Milk Maid Marian from here but, really, it’s not about me.

Tell me what will make reading the next post worthwhile.

13 thoughts on “What do you want on Milk Maid Marian this year?

  1. Marian, an award well deserved. What I have liked is the insight you have given to this suburban boy about life on a dairy farm. Yes I am looking for workplace safety-related mentions but I know they will appear when the situation warrants it. I really like your mix of the domestic, the industrial and the political. If it ain’t broke…

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  2. Great that despite your obvious place in the production cycle, you have given a voice to all. Producers, processors, advocacy groups and government. Not sure I could have been as generous. Keep it up. Your blog has become a great vehicle for us all to have a voice. Look forward to another year of articles. Transparency will assure the future of dairy and your blog is making a great contribution.

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  3. Hi Marian, Congratulations on the award, so very well deserved.

    Just saw an online notification talking about farmers diversifying which amuses me as my post graduate research was on this subject 30 years ago and here we are still ploughing the same old furrow. Makes me think that the benefit of your blog is the commentary of the here and now rather than grandiose strategy plans.

    At times a pictorial essay won’t go amiss. Images speak volumes – snakes indeed! Family. Farm. Fields. Animals. Wildlife. Trees……

    Why did your blog win an award? Because you are a “thought-leader”. Now scepticism may raise its head but please read the great Walter Adamson’s @adamson piece on the difference between content marketing and thought leadership. The underlying essence of MMM is thoughtleadership – keep that mojo and your blog will continue to thrive and be appreciated.

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  4. It is definitely good for us city folk to have some insight into life on a dairy farm and all that it entails. I have enjoyed and been educated by your posts about the regulations that affect your lives and livelihood. I also love the photos of your family, both human and four-legged!


    • Ha, ha, thanks Rhinophile! Feedback from Facebookers is to up the ante on the photos, so will aim to take more in future. Thanks for all your comments on the blog – the interaction with people like you is what makes it worthwhile for me.

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