Why wear tall rubber boots on a 35 degree day?


This very stylish cow is modelling Milk Maid fashions for the day. The hat, sunnies, first aid kit stashed in the Bobcat glovebox and sunscreen don’t need any explanation but the boots might.

I might be a bit of a chicken but reckon I’ve had about a dozen “near death experiences” with snakes. Never been bitten, never want to. Hence, the horribly hot but impenetrable footwear. Maybe it’s time to invest in some gaiters!


Dead baby snake found where the school bus stops

7 thoughts on “Why wear tall rubber boots on a 35 degree day?

  1. Boots and jeans for walking in the bush too! I shudder to see people on the telly fighting fires in their shorts and thongs.

      • Yes, I was looking for some ‘arm protectors or arm gaiters?!’ For gardening and couldn’t find any, so was planning on making some – may as well do legs too – a way to use some pant legs I have cut of for customers who wanted shorts.

        • Hi Christina, If you have access to a dairy supplies shop, they stock sleeve protectors that go from wrist to elbow to keep arms a little cleaner and drier. Your re-purposed trouser legs would be a cheaper but less waterproof option though.

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