Following the money – where farmer levies go


Every farmer knows that each time we sell a litre of milk or send a cow to market, we pay some sort of compulsory levy or fee. But where does that money go and what does it do for us?

Well, the UDV has created a very lovely infographic to follow the money as it trickles down to a plethora of bodies. The biggie is Dairy Australia but there are plenty of others less familiar to the average milk maid.

The infographic is so chock-a-block full of useful information that it simply doesn’t fit on the page but I have lopped the right hand side off so you can get the gist of it. To see the whole thing, click on the link below.


The front follows the money and the second page explains our convoluted system of representation.

Bon appétit! For the next course, Milk Maid Marian will serve a short but sweet distillation of how DA spends our precious funds.

2 thoughts on “Following the money – where farmer levies go

  1. That chart would make the Minister for Centrelink proud.

    The old expression of “one living off the sheep’s back” needs to change it seems, something like “the whole friggin community, and some, has a bucket ready to park under the cow to gets its share”.

    It must feel great to be such a proud benevolent supporter and provider of safety and security to so many people employed elsewhere and to think nary a drop neither wasted nor left at the dairy farm. Such efficiency.

    That picture makes me think “where did we go so wrong, so horribly wrong”…

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