Online mapping software makes farm planning so much easier

Part of the farm on eFarmer mapping software

Part of the farm on eFarmer mapping software

While most dairy farm work is outdoors, some of our most valuable tools are in the office. In the two years I’ve had access to eFarmer mapping software, I have used it to:

–          plan new fencing (very handy today!)
–          site new stock troughs
–          work out where to put new water lines (and their lengths)
–          plan and carry out pasture renovation
–          plan for a better effluent distribution system
–          map soil types
–          create a map for contractor use (cropping, weeds, fertiliser, fencing, trenching)
–          apply for environmental grants
–          plan and implement revegetation projects
–          accurately specify fertiliser applications

In other words, it has allowed me to be a much better farmer and custodian of the environment.  Thank you to the Victorian DPI and Murray Goulburn for making it happen!

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