An adaptable little farm baby

Baby Alex suggested we stop for brunch

Baby Alex suggested we stop for brunch

Baby Alex was out in the paddocks at just six days old so, now at nine weeks, he’s practically an old hand! He “suggested” we take a break from fence repairs for a quick snack. Great view for brunch.


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3 responses to “An adaptable little farm baby

  1. Ahhh Life on the Land – noboby said it would be easy they said it would be worth it
    Love your take on things Marian


  2. Tony Chinnock

    Just discovered your blog yesterday—very enjoyable.
    The present plight of the diary industry leaves me very flat.
    I still believe that dairying has appeal to youth—parts of the industry have given up. Also a dairy farm can be the best general training ground for young Australians—if I can buy one for our school I will.

    Tony—Western Australia


    • milkmaidmarian

      Thanks Tony. You’re right – there are lots of opportunities for young people. Actually, there’s an excellent program for schools that I’d really encourage you to check out at

      This brainchild of an enterprising dairy farm headed by Lynne Strong makes learning about ag great fun!


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