Daylight savings catches the cows napping and we Unleash The Zoe

Cows are creatures of habit, that’s for sure. If we’re half an hour late to round them up, they start arriving at the dairy demanding to know why, so you can imagine the annoyance when we are a whole hour early.

Daylight savings may not fade the curtains but it does confuse the cows for a day or two. Couple this with the luxury of a doze in the afternoon sun after a really good feed and you have cows that don’t want to get up for anyone.

Daylight savings does not impress our cows

Daylight savings brings no sense of urgency to our cows

We decided there was nothing for it but to “Unleash The Zoe”. Our little girl has a commanding presence with the cows and her lion’s roar is known to scare everyone from baby Alex to silage contractors!

Unleash The Zoe

Unleash The Zoe gets results

4 thoughts on “Daylight savings catches the cows napping and we Unleash The Zoe

  1. Forget the cows, daylight saving caught me napping! Got up at 3:40 am on Sunday and got to the dairy at 4:00 as usual only to glance at the time on the smartphone and Doh! Someone stole an hour. Cows were happy, they came in at the ‘normal’ time. I just ran an hour late for the rest of the day. LOL


  2. Too soon after we finish the morning one! We built an expandable herringbone eleven years ago – the empty space at one end of the pit beckons for another 12 clusters, but alas, our friend Mr Cashflow will not allow it, so myself and the staff just take turns at the long haul milkings for the moment. Fresh cows and slow heifers make what is a reasonably quick and efficient one person dairy into one that sees a bit of solitaire being played on the office computer between sides.


  3. Ron u weren’t the only one Michael forgot 4 the first time since daylight saving began But at least he had our younger staff on the phone demanding ti knw where he was and having a good laugh at his expense
    We so love daylight saving. We most of our staff finishing work at 3.30 pm ( as we milk 3x daily) plenty of time to enjoy the beach or a quiet time on the verandah reflecting on the beauty of everything around us
    Combine that with cows in the front paddock from time to time It’s pretty awe inspiring


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