What did one bull say to the other?

Aussie cricketers are infamous for sledging but, judging by last night’s performance, they have nothing on our Jersey bulls.

Three of these testosterone-fuelled bovines are in with the last of the cows due to calve and they are sharing a very strict pre-calving or “transition” diet that involves virtually no grass – just grain and cereal silage and hay. So, when I arrive with the grain trailer, everyone rushes over and tucks in before they miss out. Well, not quite everyone.

Bulls fighting in calving paddock

It all started when I arrived with the grain trailer

Headbutting bulls

Nobody else was impressed

Bulls still fighting

The bulls just kept on going

Bulls still warring half an hour later

The two bulls were still warring half an hour later (sorry about the pic quality)

Love to hear what you thought the original sledge was that sparked all this off!

2 thoughts on “What did one bull say to the other?

  1. Marion, am having a guess here, but is this like a “This is my paddock and my ladies, so you can just get out of here right now or I will show you what I can do to you with my testosterone” type of situation?
    Also, I have heard that jersey bulls can be particularly aggro? Is this true?

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