What farm fanatics do

Paddock Book

My little red book is indispensable

If ever you see a farmer crawling around in the grass, it’s not because she’s convinced she’s a cow. She’s a fanatical leaf counter. One of my weekly rituals is a “farm tour”. I stop at almost every paddock with my little red (easier to spot in the grass than the classic black) book and get counting.

It’s the best way I can be sure there’s just the right amount of grass ahead of the cows and answer the questions of our farm consultant when he visits (see you tomorrow, Matt!).

This little book is also whipped out every time I notice a cow who needs treatment, to record the specs of a punctured tyre or even a BIG IDEA.

I should be able to remember all this stuff but with two littlies, a farm and an every-now-and-then desk job, life flashes by too quickly these days. On second thoughts, if you do see me crawling around, nose to the grass, I could just have gone crazy!

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