Where is our farm? Where are we?

We’ve just hit our fourth anniversary of running the farm since Dad died and what a rollercoaster ride it’s been. Cockchafers, collapsing fences, drought, floods, a new water system, massive pasture renovations, the global financial crisis and a new baby as well as the loss of Wayne’s father.

The farm looks great. Matt, our farm consultant, visited on Monday and said that with the exception of a rapid yard wash system, we have all the “physicals” just about right. We should be jubilant but we’re too tired for any sort of celebration.

As opposed to the “physicals”, the “financials” are still tight and there’s no prospect of a holiday.

“When do I get to experience the farm lifestyle everyone talks about?” was Wayne’s question. “We don’t seem to be getting anywhere.”

Matt’s colleague, John Mulvany, has drawn up a hilarious (but serious) farmer lifecycle chart and we are firmly seated in the FCTF TAF section. As such, we’ve only had six days off in the last year and three of them were while I was in the labour ward!

We decided it was time to rewrite our Farm and Family Plan. Like any other family business, it’s impossible to separate the two. We’ll look at where we are now, what we’ve achieved and our targets for the next 18 months. Top of the list is one day off per month!

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