Cow in the naughty spot

Cow in the Naughty Spot

In the naughty spot

This is the dairy’s naughty spot and this cheeky young cow spends a lot of time there.

She’s a clever little thing and has noticed that there’s often grain under the feed bails when her sisters become a tad overenthusiastic tucking into breakfast. She lurks in the exit race waiting for her chance to quite literally “clean up”. The problem with this is that nobody else can get past her and a traffic jam ensues.

This morning, Wayne’s shooed her away three times and tried squirting her with the hose but her behaviour has continued to be “not acceptable”, so here she is in the “naughty spot” (with apologies to Super Nanny). She’ll be allowed out when she writes “I will not get in the way” 50 times and all her sisters have left the dairy.

13 thoughts on “Cow in the naughty spot

  1. lol thats gold. Or you have the cow that is the last in the row and she wants to take forever to walk out of the dairy as she slowly eats up all her sisters scraps on the way.


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