What do you get the farmer who has it all? A stripper?

I am obviously a hard woman to buy for. For my 30th, Wayne had me thrown out of an aeroplane. For my 40th, he sent me into a tank full of sharks. This Christmas, he got me a stripper. One way or the other, he wants me to have a heart attack!

The stripper came in very handy today though and performed in ways I would never have imagined were possible. In fact, I think you could say the whole experience has rekindled my interest in wiring repairs.


This thing made my heart skip a beat today

I have pathetically weak hands but this amazing tool allowed me to whip the insulation off in no time like a pro. The knurled portions grasp the insulation and wrench it straight off the copper wire. To make matters even better, Wayne paired the stripper with a ratcheted crimper, so getting a good connection was equally as easy for the feeble-fingered.

Before you begin to worry, by the way, I would never attempt to do the work of an electrician and risk electrocuting myself. All strictly fencing units and so forth (but now that I have the stripper, where do I sign up for an apprenticeship…?).

8 thoughts on “What do you get the farmer who has it all? A stripper?

  1. I was with bushboy on that one Marian! But I have to say Wayne knows he’s got a talented girl on his hands who obviously doesn’t get in a flap too easily. Bugger the sharks – I’d take 2 strippers instead – perhaps with at least a box of choccies.


  2. Maybe next birthday he’ll get you what every busy working mum needs- a willing worker for the day to spring clean the house, re-organise and sort out all the kids cupboards, mend all the things that you have stashed away somewhere for when you can be bothered to whip out the sewing machine and……cook you a fantastic dinner!
    Good Luck! 🙂


    • Don’t get me wrong, I am honestly very pleased with my presents! Maybe we don’t get showered with flowers as our marriages mature but one of the good things about having been married a while is that you get to know your partner (hopefully) and Wayne chose well. I am also very lucky in that Wayne routinely cooks most of our dinners. He’s a good man


  3. I made the mistake of buying Kath a nice new iron for a birthday. Maybe I should have got her a stripper! Blokes are just so thoughtful and practical at times.


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