New season has us rushing around like squirrels

It’s autumn and our dairy farm is buzzing with activity before calving starts and winter sets in.

We have sent about 50 cows off to the other side of the farm for their annual two-month holidays. Before they go, they are given long-acting antibiotic therapy and teat seal to reduce the risk of mastitis when they calve.

Dry cows go on holiday

"Yay! Holidays!"

New pastures have been sown. Those (like this one) that were too rough have been fully cultivated with discs, power harrowed and rolled. This paddock has also had lime because its pH needs to be lifted a little higher. I’ll keep a photographic log of the paddock’s progress.

Newly sown paddock April 1st

Here it is, one day after sowing on April 1

We’ve invested in new stone and gravel for sections of the cow tracks and gateways.

New gravel

La la lush new gateway gravel!

And, last but not least, a new pair of boots.

New rubber boots

How long 'til the pink turns khaki?

By the way, how do you know when your boots are too tight (especially when they were too loose the day before)?
“When you can’t do what you used to do with your boots.”
“What’s that, Zoe?”
“Put your big toe on top of the toe next to it.”

3 thoughts on “New season has us rushing around like squirrels

  1. Hi Lisa and Marian. Same question came up today when we had 37 Melb Uni Animal Science and Ag students on farm. We get the new girls walking through the silent between milkings and before they calve. they learn that it is safe and there is grain on offer and the teat spray is a strange sensation, but can be ignored, so when they calve, it’s just the surprise of having the cups on for the first time that makes a few a bit jumpy. Many of them don’t even flinch, and within days, they are hard to pick from heifers that have been in for weeks.


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