How a farmer hangs out her washing (or desperation is the mother of invention)

At 15 months, Alex loves “riding” the quad bike.

The little man is drawn to anything he can climb, toot or wobble, especially if it has buttons and the quad has all those magical qualities with the added bonus that it’s his Dad’s.

The mite’s adventurousness is only slightly hampered by his wet blanket of a Mama. When Wayne bought Zoe a hot pink mini-quad for Christmas last year, I refused to let him bring it home. Quads are seriously dangerous bits of gear and, besides, a pushie is still the best way to burn up all that excess energy.

But whether it was out of sheer exhaustion or the joie de vivre that comes with the first truly warm day of Spring, I relented just a touch today and took Alex for an illicit ride on the quad. As we’d passed the quad with the washing basket, he’d somehow become firmly attached to the Suzuki’s grimy plastic faring. A moment later, his padded posterior was straddling the gear shift.

It turns out that the trip from the laundry to the washing line with a toddler is gloriously smooth-sailing when you’re riding a quad – albeit at a snail’s pace. It also turns out that the quad makes an excellent table for the washing basket and is just the right height for pegging up everything from unmentionables to our Sunday best. Don’t tell anyone, will you?

7 thoughts on “How a farmer hangs out her washing (or desperation is the mother of invention)

    • Was amazing how well it worked, Bushboy! Only problem was a couple of the towels ended up dangling on the bike. Must do a thorough inspection for mud before folding! Alex’s latest new word is “toot”, BTW.

      • That can be a problem when mixing clean washing with farm machines….I hope Alex “toots” around the place for ages. My girls did that when riding anything for ages when a new word found it caused a smile or laugh…from memory it was “beep” đŸ™‚

  1. I won’t tell about the ride if you don’t- the quad tray sounds much more fun than using a rusty old urban washing trolley anyway. BTW I agree with you on the mini quad! Maybe Dad can make her a trailer for the pushie! Mini bikes for primary age kids are a scary idea too.

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