Dairy delight: silage supreme

The warm sweetness of fermented natural sugars swathed in the aroma of rich plum pudding make gourmet Silage Supreme irresistible.

Last weekend the conditions were perfect for the creation of a few thousand servings of this dairy delicacy.

Today, bunkered down in the office as water rattles down the drainpipes, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to relive the fleeting appearance of Spring by sharing the recipe with you.

So, next time you see cows eating “artificial, plastic food”, you’ll know the truth: it’s gorgeous, 100% pure luscious springtime grass lovingly preserved for a rainy day (or, perhaps, a scorcher).

Ah well, back to today…



8 thoughts on “Dairy delight: silage supreme

  1. Awesome demonstration vid for outsiders! 🙂 The only “Stereotype” I would recommend eliminating is that it’s whats IN the grass when you grow it, that matters! (Also) 😀 Good luck this year guys, drive safe and don’t forget to LOOK BEHIND for kids when reversing! Stay safe and I’ll be thinking of all of you (Except the Dowling’s, who I see Facebook updates every day anyway! lol), so wish I could be out there doing some of this too… *Sigh*. All good, back to my office job I go 🙂


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